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Delivering Captivating Experiences

Directly To A Preferred Audience.


Select Your New Exclusive Template

Arguably the hardest part. Can't decide? No problem. Take a minute to see if offering a deal might enhance the reader's experience.

Reach out to compare the templates.


Inspire Locals With An Irresistible Offer 

jeweled b.jpg

The good news is with each offer the rate of success is entirely trackable. All we ask is that you dig deep and find that one incentive that will reel guests in. Freebies and BOGO's are sure to spark new interest. At the end of the day, your offers will walk in the door with new customers anxious to engage.


Strike A Pose.

  Give Us Your Best. 

Not to worry if you are unsure of what portrays you best, we'll grab our photographer and head your way. Stylish edits are our specialty.


Ok, Spill It! We're Talking The Whole Enchilada...

Shino back.jpg
Shino front.jpg

Unlock the power of storytelling! We're inviting the entire community to see the wildly, magic specialties you're serving up, and while you're at it why not add a glimpse into the menu favorites?

Mexi front.jpg


Watch Your Investment Go to Work for You.

By now we all know firsthand how social media works to broaden your business' exposure, but tracking the results may not be easy. Our offers walk right in the door in the hands of locals dying to know what you are all about.


Keep Them Coming Back for More.

kitchen offer b.jpg
Kitchen Offer f.jpg

The goal is longevity. Keep the momentum rolling by staying in the game and having our readers anticipate what's next! New month. New DEAL!

  • How much does it cost to advertise in Style's Discoveries envelope?
    The cost of each placement is $2,197.00. This is the upfront cost to reserve your exclusive placement. All advertisement incentives are sized at 8"x 4", are double sided with a 4 color process. Discoveries envelopes consists of between 25 to 30 ad placements and reach over 60,000 + affluent Summerlin residents, including West Summerlin's newest communities, Red Rock Country Club residents, The exclusive residents at The Ridges and The Summit Club. Including the Downtown Summerlin's surrounding communities. The Henderson residents include The vast private communities spanning Lake Las Vegas, MacDonald Highlands, Ascaya, Anthem Country Club, and Seven Hills. We're mailing 6 X's per year. (Advertisers can save up to 20% off with 6 X's commitment.) *All recurring placements require new product offerings/images.
  • What are the start up steps and what do they provide?
    Currently, the initial three steps required to complete your advertisement are: 1st~The design process begins with business template/format selection. 2nd~The questionnaire completed, providing vital highlights and keywords describing the backstory of the business and what's on the horizon. Details are prompted by questionnaire and this service may require up to three versions before final selection is made. 3rd~ The image(s) selection. Photos options include front and back of offer. The option is available to have a 2 hour photo shoot with a preferred photographer at location of studio rental for a fee of $350.00. Styling is separate. Studio cost not included.
  • How quickly can I get started?
    Right now! To get started fill out our form and someone from our team will be in touch with you to discuss the process and scheduled dates for distribution.
  • What business genres are in the mix of incentives?
    We are looking for tastemakers, creatives, and experts who understand that direct mail marketing is the secret sauce for marketing success. These businesses have a common desire to align with an affluent locals and travelers seeking out upscale experiences, luxury lifestyle upgrades, products, top-rated expertise and thriving destinations for connecting with a lively crowd, seeking ways to support local luminaries. At Your Service-Top trusted service providers. Eye On Design-Leading-edge creatives and the workshops they rely on to carry out captivating environments. Love Your Look-A beautiful round-up of expert treatments and procedures too keep us all looking and feeling our best! Out And About-From neon to nature, the local destinations that remind us that the magic happens outside the comfort zone. Shops That Shine-Shopkeepers and tastemakers that define style. The Latest Dish-A culinary connection like no other.
  • What is the target audience and circulation of Style Discoveries | Summerlin?
    We engage with household decision-makers. Each envelope of Style Discoveries reaches a concentrated audience of wealth, influence and spending power in the most sought-out, communities and behind the gates of the wealthiest enclaves and zip codes of the Valley. West Summerlin / 5,800 homes, Red Rock Country Club / 3,200 homes, Mesa + Granite Hills / 2,000 homes, Spanish Trails Country Club / 1,200 homes, Spanish Hills / 370 homes, & Southern Highlands Country Club / 2,300 homes. Target Circulation 15,000+ Homes | 60,000+ Readership *USPS verified.
  • What is the target audience and circulation of Style Discoveries | Henderson?
    We engage with household decision-makers. Each envelop of Style discoveries reaches a concentrated audience of wealth, influence, and spending power in the most sought-out communities and behind the gates of the wealthiest enclaves and zip codes of the Valley. Lake Las Vegas / 3,800 homes, MacDonald Highlands + Ascaya / 5,200 homes, Anthem Country Club / 3,700 homes, Targeted Circulation 13,000+ Homes | 47,000 Readership *USPS verified.
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